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Meaning & Etymology

The meaning of Neal is "Variant of NEIL".
Originated in NZ - really...that's rubbish - try Scotland. (Neal Thomas)
Proud of my name (Brenaen Neal)

Language Usage

Family name's popularity in English language is 14195.
Online Spanish profiles found with surname Neal: 172.
Found more than 156 bearers of surname Neal in Chinese.
About 146 people called Neal are Russian speakers.
Online Indonesian profiles found with surname Neal: 136.
About 70 people called Neal are French speakers.
Found more than 35 bearers of family name Neal in Arabic.

Frequent given names for Neal: Jennifer626 Sharon465 Betty449 Nancy431 Donna410 Timothy395 Jerry390 Brenda387 Carolyn385 Jeffrey381 Michelle361 Shirley354 Scott349 Daniel346 Kimberly345 Pamela336 Willie336 Cynthia332 Steven326 Melissa304 Amy293 Rebecca284 Gregory283 Debra282 Jessica274 Kathy263 Stephanie260 Kelly244 Cheryl241 Joe234 Teresa232 Beverly232 Billy228 Amanda227 Ruth226 Michael124 Christopher80 Richard70 Joan66 James63 Brian63 Robert61 Mark61 Alan57 Paul56 Margaret53 Barry52 Dennis51 William49 Anthony48 Barbara48 Stephen47 Raymond45 Mary45 George43 Kenneth41 Edward38 Christine38 Elizabeth37 Patricia37 Thomas34 Linda33 Leslie32 Anne32 Kathleen31 Graham31 Charles31 Janet31 Sarah30 Kevin30 Keith30 Ronald30 Jean29 Martin29 Roger28 Carol28 Helen27 Colin27 Julie27 Eileen26

Rare forenames: Kevin Yerkes Nicole Gabriele Cheryl Philip Yulaunda Yola Lynda Orval Yevette Caldwell Birgit Chuck Barry Jeffrey Patrick Kirby Susanne Chelsea Breda Ivan Shane Clarence Yoshiko Zeyleyon Bethany Zora Del Reg Melody Danni Adam Yingling Yaehi Jeffery Bretton Mark Arron Yashika Kim Zebia Zedekia Ross Zakwe Clara Champa Zada Yalauna Sophany


élan lean lane neal lena lea n ale n len a

White Pages

Found 106246+ people with family name Neal in United States.
Found 7950+ people with family name Neal in United Kingdom.
Found 952+ people with family name Neal in Canada.
Found 50+ people with family name Neal in France.
Found 23+ people with family name Neal in Germany.
Found 11+ people with family name Neal in Sweden.
Found 10+ people with family name Neal in Italy.
Found 4+ people with family name Neal in Norway.
Found 2+ people with family name Neal in Spain.
Found 1+ people with family name Neal in Denmark.
Found 1+ people with family name Neal in Turkey.


Found 4433 online records for username Neal
More nicknames based on Neal found:
neal neal.smith neal.johnson neal1 neal.anderson neal.baker neal.young neal.brown neal.davis neal.thompson neal2 neal.patel neal.robinson neal.wright neal.martin neal.miller neal.palmer neal.thomas neal.white neal.clark neal.wilson neal3 neal.alexander neal.jones neal.murphy neal.williams neal12 neal.adams neal.allen neal.evans


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Typos & Misspells

Nael, Nela, Nea, Neala, Nesl, Neall, Neale, Neali, Nealo

Similar Names: Neale

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