Prevalence score: 50/100

Language Usage

Family name's popularity in English language is 959.
Searched and found 7 people speaking Indonesian using name Jaggers.
5 users talking French utilize the family name alongside their web profiles.
5 users talking Spanish utilize the family name alongside their web profiles.
The number of Turkish users using Jaggers is 2.
The number of Thai users using Jaggers is 2.
The number of Arabic users using Jaggers is 2.

Frequent given names for Jaggers: Michael37 Mary28 William27 Robert27 Richard21 Ronald20 Karen19 Susan17 Joseph17 Donald17 Thomas17 Tony17 Jennifer16 Melissa16 Carolyn16 Jeffrey16 Donna16 Terry16 Timothy15 Christopher15 Eric15 Julie14 Amy14 Heather14 Sandra14 Larry14 Betty14 Shawn13 George13 Joshua13 Scott13 Patrick13 Elizabeth12 Deborah12 Carol12 Brenda12 Rebecca12 Jason12 Nancy11 Steve11 Mike11 Leslie11 Janet11 Amanda11 Wayne11 Cynthia11 Debra10 Stephanie10 Lisa10 Jerry10 Alice10 Walter10 Patricia10 Beverly10 Christy10 Matthew10 Todd10 Stephen9 Sharon9 Suzanne9 Theresa9 Virginia9 Marilyn9 Kimberly9 Angela9 Anna9 Chris9 Kelly9 Terri8 Teresa8 Diana8 Dawn8 Bobby8 Ashley8 Jacqueline8 Joe8 Shirley8 Nicholas8 Michelle8 Kathleen8

Rare forenames: Samantha Lisa William Terra Williams Susanne Tajha Vonna Ruel Angeline Annmarie Richard Audrey Timmy Zach Alex Steve Rickie Hillary Gladys Tharmer Rob Shelia Jessie Sabastian Lynette Federic Sasha Eric Vicky Rebecca Virgie Van Robbin Matt Sheena Trevor Shaz Treva Rusty Rowland Stormie Wandalene Wyola Ross Joyce Sharpe Tyfni Vicky Vera


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White Pages

Found 3412+ people with family name Jaggers in United States.
Found 217+ people with family name Jaggers in United Kingdom.
Found 29+ people with family name Jaggers in Canada.
Found 2+ people with family name Jaggers in France.


Found 27 online records for username Jaggers
More nicknames based on Jaggers found:
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Typos & Misspells

Jaggres, Jgagers, Jagger, Jaggersa, Jsggers, Jaggees, Jaggerse, Jaggersi, Jaggerso

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