Frequently Asked Questions

What is Name Wizard?
Name Wizard is a free first name, surname and user name search engine providing statistics about names, including: popularity, origins, usage by gender.

Where did you collect all these names from?
All names are picked from public databases or websites.

How is popularity score calculated?
The formula involves data from white pages, online profiles, google searches, visitors feedback.

What is the purpose of the site?
The purpose of this database is entertainment or curiosity. We do not store any private information such as email/phone/address/etc.

What are anagrams and who writes them?
Anagrams are formed by rearranging the letters of a name. Example "Vile" becomes "Live" or "Evil". They are software generated so please apologize any profanity.

I desperately need the email address of someone who has the name listed here, can you help me?
No. First of all usually there are very many persons sharing the same name and secondly we do not store emails or other private details.

Do you have another questions?
You can email us: