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Online profiles for first name Veronica by gender: 69635 females, 766 males
US marriage records found name Veronica 100.00% feminine, 0.00% masculine.
In UK, found name Veronica 99.90 % feminine, 0.10% masculine.

Meaning & Etymology

The meaning of Veronica is "bringing victory".
Kopina is a Slovak name (Veronica Kopina )
nacio el 26 de septiembre de 1990 en Odessa Ukrania (Veronica)

White Pages

Found 143132+ people with forename Veronica in United States.
Found 10817+ people with forename Veronica in United Kingdom.
Found 4298+ people with forename Veronica in Spain.
Found 4029+ people with forename Veronica in Sweden.
Found 3265+ people with forename Veronica in Italy.
Found 2441+ people with forename Veronica in Norway.
Found 659+ people with forename Veronica in Canada.
Found 435+ people with forename Veronica in France.
Found 159+ people with forename Veronica in Denmark.
Found 151+ people with forename Veronica in Germany.
Found 38+ people with forename Veronica in Turkey.
Found 2+ people with forename Veronica in Hungary.


Veronica statistics

Language Usage

Online Spanish profiles found with forename Veronica: 139495.
The number of English users using Veronica is 72454.
Italian speakers using given name Veronica: 16085.
Searched and found 14934 people speaking Portuguese using name Veronica.
The number of Indonesian users using Veronica is 8682.
Discovered around 3698 clients communicating in Russian with given name Veronica.
More than 3370 Veronica among Romanian users.
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Found 85498 online records for username Veronica
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Typos & Misspells

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