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Online profiles for first name Sara by gender: 228440 females, 4117 males
US marriage records found name Sara 99.99% feminine, 0.01% masculine.
In UK, found name Sara 99.88 % feminine, 0.12% masculine.
In Turkey, found name Sara 99.92 % feminine, 0.08% masculine.

Meaning & Etymology

The meaning of Sara is "Precious".
Origin of Sara is Hindu.
I'm Korean. And Korea is not listed. I kinda find this site racist, cause me and a few of my friends have the same first name and it didn't show the population of Koreans who have my name. Really? If you expect people to like this site, then don't be racist. (Sara Lynne Baik)
in persian, Sara means Pure (sara saghaee)
a lot of arabs, just like me, use the name Sara, too. Why isn't there atleast one arabic country mentioned ?? (sara)

White Pages

Found 156103+ people with forename Sara in United States.
Found 12255+ people with forename Sara in United Kingdom.
Found 9550+ people with forename Sara in Sweden.
Found 6816+ people with forename Sara in Spain.
Found 6644+ people with forename Sara in Turkey.
Found 5890+ people with forename Sara in Italy.
Found 2754+ people with forename Sara in Denmark.
Found 2402+ people with forename Sara in Norway.
Found 1855+ people with forename Sara in France.
Found 1074+ people with forename Sara in Canada.
Found 563+ people with forename Sara in Germany.
Found 209+ people with forename Sara in Hungary.
Found 15+ people with forename Sara in Poland.


Sara statistics

Language Usage

143647 English speakers are using this forename.
125845 Spanish speakers are using this forename.
Found more than 57282 bearers of first name Sara in Arabic.
There are more than 45036 individuals utilizing this given name in French.
Located around 36139 users speaking Italian with given name Sara.
Portuguese profiles with given name Sara found: 33026.
Number of users named Sara using Russian language is 12637.
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Found 294253 online records for username Sara
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Popular Searches

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Typos & Misspells

Sraa, Saar, Sar, Saraa, Ssrs, Saea, Sarae, Sarai, Sarao

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Similar Names: Saraa / Sarab / Saraba / Saraban / Sarabani / Sarabay / Sarabon / Sarac / Saraf / Sarafat
Saro / Zara / Gara / Lara / Kara / Sari / Hara / Tara / Mara / Dara

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