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Online profiles for first name Marisol by gender: 8164 females, 96 males

Meaning & Etymology

The meaning of Marisol is "Sunny sea".
Origin of Marisol is Spanish.
It's great to know that so many women have such a nice first name (Marisol Fernández Montoto)
Mar=Ocean and sol= sun (Marisol Medina)

White Pages

Found 26783+ people with forename Marisol in United States.
Found 1371+ people with forename Marisol in Spain.
Found 87+ people with forename Marisol in France.
Found 63+ people with forename Marisol in Sweden.
Found 50+ people with forename Marisol in Canada.
Found 43+ people with forename Marisol in United Kingdom.
Found 27+ people with forename Marisol in Italy.
Found 19+ people with forename Marisol in Norway.
Found 11+ people with forename Marisol in Germany.
Found 9+ people with forename Marisol in Denmark.


Marisol statistics

Language Usage

81876 users speaking Spanish use forename Marisol in their online profiles.
10246 English speakers are using this forename.
Located around 1483 users speaking Portuguese with given name Marisol.
Online Italian profiles found with forename Marisol: 633.
French speakers using first name Marisol: 326.
Number of users named Marisol using Tagalog language is 225.
Searched and found 114 people speaking Indonesian using name Marisol.
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Found 10055 online records for username Marisol
More nicknames based on Marisol found:
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Typos & Misspells

Mariosl, Mraisol, Mairsol, Mariso, Marisola, Msrisol, Marosol, Maeisol, Marisoll, Marisole, Marisoli, Marisolo

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