Popularity score: 26/100

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Found 21+ people with forename Marigen in United States.
Found 3+ people with forename Marigen in Sweden.
Found 1+ people with forename Marigen in Turkey.


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Language Usage

Located around 456 users speaking English with forename Marigen.
There are more than 119 individuals utilizing this forename in Spanish.
There are more than 9 individuals utilizing this forename in Tagalog.
Albanian online profiles with Marigen forename exceed 8.
Forename's popularity in French language is 4.
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Found 19 online records for username Marigen
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Mariegn, Mraigen, Mairgen, Marige, Marigena, Msrigen, Marogen, Maeigen, Marigene, Marigeni, Marigeno, Marigenn

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