Popularity score: 84/100


Online profiles for first name Debbie by gender: 9030 females, 224 males
US marriage records found name Debbie 99.96% feminine, 0.04% masculine.
In UK, found name Debbie 99.90 % feminine, 0.10% masculine.

Meaning & Etymology

The meaning of Debbie is "A bee".
Origin of Debbie is Hebrew.

White Pages

Found 146206+ people with forename Debbie in United States.
Found 20161+ people with forename Debbie in United Kingdom.
Found 3001+ people with forename Debbie in Canada.
Found 154+ people with forename Debbie in Denmark.
Found 51+ people with forename Debbie in Sweden.
Found 25+ people with forename Debbie in France.
Found 21+ people with forename Debbie in Norway.
Found 8+ people with forename Debbie in Germany.
Found 3+ people with forename Debbie in Turkey.
Found 3+ people with forename Debbie in Spain.
Found 1+ people with forename Debbie in Italy.


Debbie statistics

Language Usage

English speakers using forename Debbie: 142442.
We have found 1825 Debbie in Dutch profiles.
The number of Spanish users using Debbie is 1295.
The number of Indonesian users using Debbie is 1169.
321 French speakers are using this forename.
Online Chinese profiles found with first name Debbie: 232.
Number of users named Debbie using German language is 208.
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Found 29875 online records for username Debbie
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Popular Searches

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Typos & Misspells

Debibe, Dbebie, Debbi, Debbiea, Debboe, Debbiee, Debbiei, Debbieo

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